WEEKLY WEBBING Year-End Special: A Call for Questions

Marvel Announces New Web of Spider-Man

The Spider-Office at Marvel Comics has been busy. They're about to mark two years of the thrice-monthly Amazing Spider-man, recently launched a new volume of Web of Spider-man, and are in the midst of bringing back some of Spidey's biggest and baddest foes.

Rounding out the year of the Weekly Webbing column, the inimitable Steve Wacker has asked for YOUR questions. This is your chance to find out the answers to all those burning questions about the life and times of Peter Parker.

To increase your chances of getting your question answered, try to steer clear of asking for direct spoilers, or starting your question hatefully decrying One More Day and Brand New Day. With villains new and old, friends and romances new and old, and of course, the ever-changing Marvel universe, there should be plenty to cover.

So sound off below, and check back for Wacker's answers soon!

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