TIM CURRY and KHARY PAYTON Offering 1-on-1 Video Chats As Part of New Start-Up

Khary Payton
Khary Payton
Credit: Fanmio

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Fanmio, the first-of-its-kind fan experience platform, today announced the launch of Fanmio.com where fans globally can now have access to their favorite celebrities through personal one-on-one video meet and greet experiences, marking Fanmio’s first foray into bringing fans closer to their heroes.

Fanmio allows celebrities to be more accessible to their fans without the pain points of travel, high costs and standing in long lines. “People from all over the world would love to meet with their favorite actors, creators, influencers and musicians and or attend a concert or comic convention, but for many, it’s just not feasible to get there. Fanmio not only connects you with your fan favorites, but it also brings the exciting exclusive collectibles you want directly to you,” said Solomon Engel, Founder and CEO.

Meet Tim Curry on Fanmio from Fanmio on Vimeo.

Fanmio is launching the platform alongside celebrity Tim Curry, best known for classic villainous characters like Dr. Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Pennywise the Clown in IT. Joining Tim is Khary Payton, currently starring as King Ezekiel on The Walking Dead and the voice of Cyborg from Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go. Both actors will be meeting with fans online and starring in original live online stage events presented on Fanmio.com. All experiences come with exclusive product bundles including autographed merchandise only found on Fanmio.

“Fanmio is a brilliant new company,” said Tim Curry, “It is an explosive idea that I’m very excited about and I can’t wait to talk to my fans.”

Powering these experiences is Fanmio's world-class patented technology enabling talent to easily and securely engage in thousands of online video meet and greets with fans. Fanmio’s online stage allows for many millions of viewers to attend at once without the need for additional infrastructure scaling.

Credit: Fanmio

“Learning through our experiences, we built Fanmio from the ground up to let fans connect with their favorite personalities in a fun, fast, and secure way and at a level of scale that exceeds any in-person venue. We see Fanmio delivering some of the most exciting fan experiences to take place online,” said Engel.

“We want to deliver wonderful long-lasting experiences for everyone to remember and cherish for a lifetime by creating deeper, stronger, and more personal connections between the talent and their fans. We look forward to announcing many exciting talent very soon,” said Aaron Anderson, Founder and Head of Creative.

Early Access Packages to meet Tim Curry and Khary Payton are currently available on a first-come-first-serve basis now at fanmio.com while online stage event tickets are available per showing.

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