Superhumans Re-Imagined as New 1% in Schmidt's ACHILLES INC.

Achilles Inc. #1
Credit: Daniel Maine (Source Point Press)
Credit: Daniel Maine (Source Point Press)

Andy Schmidt, one of the planners behind Marvel Comics' Annihilation event, is returning to the superhero genre for the first time in a decade for his new creator-owned title that wrestles with the concept of superheroes in the modern world.

Launching April 24, Achilles Inc. by Schmidt and artist Daniel Maine is a series which reimagines superhumans as the upper class and non-powered individuals left to work in their shadow.

"Ten years ago, a sliver of the world's population was granted super powers in an instant. Since then, these 'Boosters' have turned the planets socio-economic systems on their ear. Instead of dressing up in colorful costumes and beating each other up, they formed a union - called Power Corps - and replaced the blue collar workforces across the globe," reads the synopsis. "The world is in despair. Jobs are scarce and we 'duds' are nearly powerless to fight back. That's where Ransom and his Achilles Incorporated team come in. This firm that exploits the weaknesses of Boosters has taken on big case. The fuse is lit!"

The four-issue Achilles Inc. series will be published through Source Point Press and their agreement with Comics Experience, Schmidt's online school for comic creation.

"Achilles Inc. is a special book for me because it’s my first return to super-powered characters really since leaving Marvel editorial. I’ve done the odd thing here and there, but this is the first time I’ve felt like I’ve really had something to say," Schmidt said. "I see a new metaphor in the super-powered today than I did when I related to the X-Men and Doom Patrol as a kid. This is my adult version seeing super powers through the lens that I see the real world super powers often being mis-used today."

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