Mike Grell's MAGGIE THE CAT Returns

Maggie the Cat
Credit: Mike Grell
Credit: Mike Grell

Updated April 3, 2019: The Kickstarter for new issues of Mike Grell's Maggie the Cat is now underway. The crowdfunding campaign has already surpassed its $15,000 goal, and is closing in on a stretch goal for an exclusive new Jon Sable book.

Original Story: Writer/artist Mike Grell has plans to revive his creator-owned title Maggie the Cat and finish a storyline that has been on hiatus for 23 years, according to 13th Dimension. Grell reportedly plans to raise funds for the series via Kickstarter beginning in March, and self-publish the final two issues of this Image Comics title from 1996.

Maggie the cat is a rich aristocrat who turns to cat burglary after her heirloom jewelry was discovered to missing - given by her now-dead husband to his mistresses. Maggie's skills get the attention of Britian's spy services, where she is recruited to be a secret agent.

Credit: Mike Grell

Maggie the Cat originally appeared in Grell's Jon Sable Freelance series from First Comics in the 1980s, and was spun off into her own title following Grell's success at Image with Shaman's Tears. Two issues were published in 1996, then the series was put on hold.

According to 13th Dimension, Grell intends to republish Maggie the Cat #1 and #2 as a standalone book supplemented by new pages and elements from a screenplay Grell wrote. A second book will continue the story, and include an appearance by Jon Sable.

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