ANNETTE BENING's CAPTAIN MARVEL Character Revealed by an Australian Storybook?

Still from 'Captain Marvel'
Credit: Marvel Studios

The identity of Annette Bening's still-unnamed character from Captain Marvel seems to have been confirmed by a purported tie-in storybook, which names her as the Supreme Intelligence. 

The storybook page shows Carol Danvers - called by her Kree name "Vers" - speaking to a character resembling Bening's appearance in the Captain Marvel trailer who is identified as the Supreme Intelligence. The image of the page that seems to reveal Bening's character was posted on Twitter by an account identified as MCU.Eternal.

The book appears to be exclusive to Australia for now - no listing for Captain Marvel Hero Storybook could be found in Amazon's North American catalog, however the Scholastic Australia title is available for a February 1 pre-order now through Amazon's Australian site.

Should Bening's character identity from the book prove accurate, it would validate our previous speculation that she'd portray a version of the character. The Supreme Intelligence was already confirmed to be part of the film in some form.

It is unclear if or when Captain Marvel Hero Storybook will be released outside of Australia.

Captain Marvel is due out in Australian theaters March 7, with North America on March 8.

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