LIEFELD Pulls Out of NETFLIX Deal, Shopping EXTREME Universe Elsewhere

Credit: Rob Liefeld/Mike Capriotti
Credit: Wizard World

Rob Liefeld has announced that his deal with Netflix for film adaptations of several of his "Extreme" titles is dissolved, and that he is shopping the rights elsewhere. In a brief statement on Twitter, the Image Comics co-founder said that there was an "impasse" just months into the deal announced back in March.

"I get questions about Netflix all the time. After being at an impasse this summer, I took Extreme elsewhere for a better deal and fit," Liefeld tweeted. "There is no Netflix deal. More soon enough."

Credit: Rob Liefeld (Image Comics)

Back in March when the deal was announced, Liefeld described it as a "seven-figure rights deal" for six Extreme titles: Brigade, Bloodstrike, Cybrid, Re-Gex, Bloodwulf, and Kaboom. Other titles such as Youngblood, Prophet, and Avengelyne weren't included in the deal, and in some cases have seperate rights deals with other film companies.

When the subject came up on the "Rob Liefeld! An Extreme Group" Facebook fan page, Liefeld elaborated on the deal in relation to Netflix's deal to acquire Mark Millar's MillarWorld in August 2017.

"Millar closed his deal 8 months before I was finishing my deal," Liefeld wrote. "The promise of something is there for him but nothing as yet. There was no urgency and better opportunities presented themselves. I have to protect my creations."

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