SHE-RA's New Season To Introduce New Princesses, Delve Into Old Legends

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
Credit: Netflix/DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power returns to Netflix for a new season on April 26, and showrunner Noelle Stevenson is sharing what she can about what to expect for Adora, Glimmer, Cara, Bow, Angella, and more.

Based on the iconic 1980s animated series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power reimagined the He-Man spin-off as its own, modern story of a orphan named Adora who leaves her life as part of the Horde to embrace her destiny after finding a magic sword. As She-Ra, she found a new family with the Rebellion and a new cause. And in season 2, she fights for both.

Credit: Netflix/DreamWorks Animation

Newsarama: Noelle, what can fans expect from Season 2?

Noelle Stevenson: Oh boy, so much. I’m trying to think of the non-spoilery highlights. There’s more drama. There’s mythology. We start to get more into the legend of She-Ra and the legend of the First Ones. We do meet some of our characters’ families. We see some of our characters like Catra, working their way up the ladder. We have a few, weird out-there kind of episodes – a little bit more experimental. We have one episode where it’s essentially just a D&D campaign. That one is super fun and really exciting. There’s a lot! I’m really excited for people to see our next season.  

Nrama: We learned a lot about both Glimmer and Adora’s family dynamic in Season 1. Would you like to see more family dynamics explored next season?

Stevenson: Yes, absolutely. Not all of the characters have parents or families that are established. Throughout the show there’s a found family dynamic, and there are also literal families that are either applied or met directly. I think Adora is an obvious one because everybody who is familiar with the original show knows who her real family is, but it’s not information Adora necessarily has access to on our show. So her quest to figure out where she belongs, who her family is, who she is as a person - it’s all tied into all of the complex family dynamics of the show.

Credit: Netflix/DreamWorks Animation

Nrama: What other princesses can we expect for next season?

Stevenson: You are going to meet a few more princesses and princess-like characters in the next season. So stayed tuned for that. Those are going to be a fun reveal. 

Nrama: Will we see the battle where Glimmer’s dad died or a flashback showing these days of the rebellion?

Stevenson: You are going to see some flashbacks, that’s for sure. I don’t want to say much more than that, but I’m pretty excited for people to see it.

Credit: Netflix/DreamWorks Animation

Nrama: Are there things you didn’t get to tackle in Season 1 that you want to explore next season?

Stevenson: Yeah, I mean it’s interesting. I’ve approached this whole process with very specific arcs for the characters in mind. So everything has more or less played out, at least within those arcs, as I expected. I think there’s a few things - like Swiftwind becomes a bigger character. We get to do more with him. We get to see more of the princesses together. Those are things we set up in the first season that we are really excited to explore more.

Credit: Netflix/DreamWorks Animation

Also some of our Horde characters get to shine a little bit more – Scorpia and Entrapta specifically get to really take a life of their own in the next season. All these cool, fun, exciting things that we found in the first season we got to explore more in the second. Shadow Weaver just continues to be very Shadow Weaver, and her arc is especially interesting to me. I just find her so fun and interesting to write. 

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