BENDIS Teases LEVIATHAN - DC's Next Big 'Monumental' Event

Panel from "Batman #18"
Panel from "Batman #18"
Credit: Alex Maleev (DC Comics/Jinxworld)

Writer Brian Michael Bendis has teased Leviathan, a new event comic he's writing with artist Alex Maleev, in his latest Jinxworld newsletter inside this week's Cover #5.

"Leviathan" refers to the criminal organization of the same name introduced in Grant Morrison's multi-year Batman run, culminating in Batman Inc. Bendis has incorporated Leviathan into recent issues of Superman and Action Comics, apparently building towards an event Bendis calls "monumental to the DC Universe," saying he and Maleev have paused their creator-owned work to create the story. 

"This special event story lets Alex do everything he's ever wanted to do at DC," reads Bendis' statement.

No further details of the event have been disclosed, however back in July of 2018 Bendis told Newsarama he had something "cooking" involving multiple DC spy organizations including Leviathan, Checkmate, and Spyral, though he didn't give any other info about the story.

No release date for Leviathan has been announced.

"Monumental" DC comic book events will now be watched closely in the next few given the publisher's intent to go "back to its roots of delivering epic stories with our world-class characters, stories and brands," and to "ultimately super-serve our existing fans," as communicated Wednesday to their employees. 

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