Credit: Marvel Comics

Classic Fantastic Four foe Diablo is the latest character to enter Marvel's Contest of Champions mobile game.

The villainous alchemist possesses powers that buff the attacks of his allies. Stats and screenshots of Diablo in action can be seen here.

Credit: Marvel/Kabam

Here's the game's official description of Diablo: "An unrivaled alchemist and a member of Spanish nobility, Esteban Corazon de Ablo uses his arcane concoctions to lengthen his life, incinerate his foes and more. Driven by an unending desire to become as powerful as a god, Diablo now finds himself in the Contest hoping to secure the ISO-Sphere for his continued experimentation. Ambition pushes the Spanish nobleman to acquire power at all costs, and very few heroes can, or will, stand in his way."

Diablo is available in Contest of Champions now.

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