Classic VALIANT Artist RAGS MORALES Returns to the Fold

Rags Morales
Rags Morales and Jess Gantert at Garden State Comic Fest 2016
Credit: Jean Scrocco
Bloodshot #48 (1996)
Bloodshot #48 (1996)
Credit: Rags Morales (Valiant Entertainment)

Artist Rags Morales is taking over Valiant Entertainment's Bloodshot Rising Spirit series with April's #6. This would be a significant return to the fold, as Morales worked for the original Valiant from 1993 to 1998 on titles such as Archer & Armstrong, Geomancer, Eternal Warriors: Mog, as well as a one-off issue of Bloodshot in 1998.

"I’m invigorated to work with Valiant again," Morales told Newsarama. "It's been over 25 years since I've been involved in the Valiant Universe. So much has changed, but the change has been good. The level of craftsmanship is competitive to its history, arguably, and definitely a shot across the bow for the industry."

In the 31 years between the artist's tenures at Valiant, Morales became an integral part of DC Comics - drawing the 2004 Identity Crisis event, relaunching Action Comics in 2011, and working with Geoff Johns on a number of projects including Hawkman and JSA.

"Rags and I have been discussing projects for a few years now; we finally found the right time and the right project," Valiant's Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers said. "To be honest, Rags emailed me while we were in the middle of working out artist assignments, and it was a no-brainer for us. When an artist of Rags' caliber says he's available, it's an easy choice. As an old-school Valiant fan, I'm super excited to see his take on the new Valiant Universe."

Bloodshot Rising Spirit #6 cover
Bloodshot Rising Spirit #6 cover
Credit: Felipe Massafera (Valiant Entertainment)

Here in 2019, Morales will join Bloodshot Rising Spirit series writer Kevin Grevioux to continue the origin story of the soon-to-be-movie star. Their storyline, titled "A Guy Named Ray," kicks off April 24 with issue #6.

"I’m going into Bloodshot Rising Spirit with the feeling of dark noir," Morales continued. "The character is akin to Marvel's Punisher, but it's deeper than that. I haven't read the script yet, but I was given a copy of the earlier work of Bloodshot from Valiant 2.0 a while ago, and I'm impressed. The company has good things going on."

Look for Valiant's full April 2019 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

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