GREEN & RED ARROW Take Aim in March in 3 Big Titles

Image by Mauro Cascioli

James Robinson’s Cry for Justice series and recent happenings in Green Arrow will spawn a couple of new titles further shaking up the Green Arrow family and more specifically Roy Harper/Red Arrow (who’s now one arm short of a complete set). In their latest announcements Friday morning in a week of announcements, DC revealed Justice League: The Rise and Fall #1, and Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal four-issue limited series, both written by J.T. Krul and both hitting stores in March.

According to DC, The Rise and Fall one-shot is drawn by Mike Mayhew and bridges the gap between Cry for Justice and Robinson’s Justice League of America.

Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal LS will be drawn by Geraldo Borges and both special projects will also coincide with a 6-issue Green Arrow arc "The Fall of Green Arrow” (also written by Krul), illustrated by Diogenes Neves.

“What happens when a hero has a fateful decision to make? And how can another hero rebuild his world after a life-altering tragedy?,” reads DC’s announcement on their official blog, The Source.

“What happened? Who’s to blame? What does this mean for the Emerald Archer and his former sidekick?”

“I was super fortunate to be able to play a role in Blackest Night, and I have to say I’m even more excited — if that’s possible — about being able to take on Roy Harper and Green Arrow as their stories spill out of Cry For Justice,” says Krul. “James has been building to a monster climax in his book, and no two characters will be as changed as much as Roy and Ollie. And, the story isn’t even over yet. The title Rise and Fall says it all in terms of where these characters are headed. It’s going to be a dark and tragic road for both them and I’m hoping readers will be hooked by where Ollie and Roy come out in the end.”

In an interview with, Krul offered a few more details about the storyline. “…As you've seen in Cry for Justice, the whole story has been about this ethical rift between members of the Justice League on the tactics they take. ‘Are we a proactive team or a reactive team?’ We're taking those elements, and then the rest of the series amps it up and does kind of create this ripple effect that will be felt throughout the one-shot and into the Green Arrow and Arsenal stories.

“…It's a little bit like what happened with Identity Crisis, where you have the people that were on board for the mind wipe of Dr. Light and the ones that weren't on board. “

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