KICKSTARTER Boasts $16m Comics Funding in 2018, Wants More Marginalized Creators

Check, Please!
Check, Please!
Credit: Ngozi Ukazu
Credit: Shawn Kuruneru

$16,035,927 was pledged to comic book projects on Kickstarter in 2018 - with all but $759,293 ultimately going towards successful crowd-funding campaigns.. This is nearly $1 million over what the outside consulting firm ICO Partners reported earlier in the month.

According to information provided to Newsarama by Kickstarter, there were 1,457 successful crowd-funded comic projects on the platform in 2018 - up 14% over 2017, and nearly triple that of 2012. 2018's comics crowdfunding projects had nearly a 70% success rate.

“What’s amazing about these projects is that they don’t need mass appeal to be successful or make an impact in the creator’s community,” said Camilla Zhang, Kickstarter's Comics Outreach Lead. “With comic projects like (Be)Loved and Burn Man, independent creators can make something unconventional and niche with 100 backers or less. That kind of intimate and direct connection between creator and backer is way more meaningful than followers or likes.”

The most successful comic Kickstarter in 2018 was Ngozi Ukazu's Check, Please!: Year Three which raised $353,764.

Zhang said that she and Kickstarter are "particularly commited" to spotlighting work from marginalized communities.

"Mainstream publishers and media tend to treat diversity like a trend. But at Kickstarter, we know it's not a buzzword; it’s a set of actions," Zhang said. "To break the cycle of oppression and inequity, marginalized creators must reap the rewards, both financially and creatively."

On behalf of Kickstarter, Zhang recently attended the Schomburg Center's Annual Black Comic Book Festival, and plans to be in attendance at TCAF, SPX, and BlerdCon.

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