Fan-Made BATMOBILE Tumbler (with Working Flame-Throwing) Going to Auction

Batmobile Tumbler
Credit: Historics Auctioneers

A custom-made Batmobile Tumbler - build on top of a 2002 Toyota MR2 - is going up for auction in the United Kingdom later this year. Historics Auctioneers is advertising a "fully driveable" but not street-legal Batmobile Tumbler that is estimated to be auctioned off for £90,000 to £120,000 (that's $117,400 to $156,500 in U.S. dollars).

"The engine comes from a Toyota MR2 with a manual gearbox and is fully driveable - however it is not currently road legal," reads Historics Auctioneers' listing. "The over-sized rear wheels come from a military truck and the front wheels are similar to those used on a U.S. drag car. The Tumbler comes complete with an array of weapons and gadgets including flame thrower, police sirens and flashing lights. The cockpit has its own desirable Batcave feel with racing seats, custom steering wheel and enough buttons and lights to satisfy your inner geek."

This modified vehicle was made by Character Cars, which have made several vehicles for movies, television, and the after-market. Here is a video the company made shortly after completion:


The vehicle comes with a UK V5c registration document - but again, it is not street legal.

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