Freedom Fighters
Credit: Eddy Barrows (DC Comics)
Credit: Eddy Barrows (DC Comics)

Freedom Fighters, the new series by Robert Venditti and Eddy Barrows, explores Earth-X, an alternate universe where Germany triumphed in World War II and the Nazis have ruled America ever since.

In Freedom Fighters #1, it’s the modern-day and a brand new team of superheroes has emerged, hoping to inspire people in Nazi-ruled America to rise up against the Third Reich.

Credit: Eddy Barrows (DC Comics)

Picking up concepts from Multiversity: Mastermen by Grant Morrison and Jim Lee, the story features new versions of Black Condor, Human Bomb, Doll Woman and Phantom Lady. Eventually, the team hopes to bring back Uncle Sam as well as rousing the American spirit to rise up against the Hitler Dynasty.

Newsarama talked to Venditti to find out more as this week's Freedom Fighters #2 is set to expand the team and explain their plan.

Newsarama: Rob, after seeing issue #1, it feels like you’re sticking with what we saw from Multiversity while also changing the team make-up, right?

Robert Venditti: Yeah, the team was established for the most part in the Multiveristy: Mastermen issue where we see the modern incarnations of Black Condor, Human Bomb,  Doll Woman, Doll Man, Phantom Lady, the Ray, and some other characters.

We’re using for our team Black Condor, Human Bomb, Doll Woman, Phantom Lady and then some new characters that we’ll introduce.

Credit: Eddy Barrows (DC Comics)
Credit: Eddy Barrows (DC Comics)

Nrama: When DC approached you about the project, did you know the Freedom Fighters?

Venditti: I wasn’t overly familiar with the Freedom Fighters. For me, I was already in the place where I was researching a graphic novel called Six Days, which is set during World War II. I’m writing it with a co-writer named Kevin Mauer and the artist is Andrea Mutti. It’s about the Battle of Graignes, which was part of the D-Day campaign that my grandmother’s brother was killed in.

Credit: Eddy Barrows (DC Comics)

So I was already in that headspace of thinking about the sacrifices of the World War II generation that brought about the end of that war.

Freedom Fighters was a way for me to spend more time in that headspace but look at it from a different angle.

Nrama: That different angle being a different world.

Venditti: Right. Freedom Fighters is set on Earth-X, which is an alternate version of Earth in the DC Universe that’s long been established. But it’s a version of Earth where Nazi Germany won World War II.

Credit: Eddy Barrows (DC Comics)

So yeah, it’s a way to look at sacrifices that people like my uncle and others made. What if those sacrifices had not been made? What would the world be like?

Nrama: Issue #1 set up this new team and introduced the world in which they’re operating, trying to resist the “Ratzis.” What can we expect from this week’s #2?

Credit: Eddy Barrows (DC Comics)

Venditti: The second issue, we’re going to see the team in action. The first issue packed a ton of content in there. We started out in 1963 with the original version of the Freedom Fighters. Then it took us to the modern day with the new team.

Issue #2, we’re going to see them in action and start to get a sense of what their plan is, ultimately what this new group of Freedom Fighters is trying to do.

Keep in mind that it’s the modern day now. There’s been 55 years since there were superheroes in America, and since America was not under the rule of the Hitler dynasty.

Credit: Eddy Barrows (DC Comics)

So this team has taken up the mantle of the original Freedom Fighters and taken up their names, but they’re a whole new generation. They grew up without any first-hand knowledge of any of that.

Nrama: It’s like they’re starting from scratch, then?

Venditti: Yeah, you’ll see in the next issues that they’re really trying to rebuild what it means to be a hero and stoke the American spirit and get people believing in what America can be.

Their hope and ultimate goal is bringing back Uncle Sam and then, having this new team member that will help them carry through their plan to topple the Hitler dynasty for good.

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