ROZ CHAST's Life in Development as Sitcom With MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL Writer Attached - Report

Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?
Credit: Roz Chast (Bloomsbury USA)
Credit: Roz Chast (Bloomsbury USA)

Cartoonist Roz Chast's real life is in development as a scripted sitcom, according to Variety. Chast's 2014 graphic memoir Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? has reportedly been optioned by Shivana Rawat's ShivHans Pictures and Ken Kwapis' In Cahoots. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel co-writer Sheila R. Lawrence is set as showrunner, with Kwapis directing the pilot.

Here is publisher Bloomberg USA's description of the memoir: "While the particulars are Chast-ian in their idiosyncrasies - an anxious father who had relied heavily on his wife for stability as he slipped into dementia and a former assistant principal mother whose overbearing personality had sidelined Roz for decades - the themes are universal: adult children accepting a parental role; aging and unstable parents leaving a family home for an institution; dealing with uncomfortable physical intimacies; and hiring strangers to provide the most personal care."

The two shingles have not announced a deal for a broadcast partner.

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