JASON AARON Teases New Creator-Owned Title

Jason Aaron
Credit: Stephen Green/Rico Renzi

Jason Aaron has revealed glimpses of a new creator-owned series he's working on with artists Stephen Green and Rico Renzi. THe writer hasn't disclosed the title, synopsis, publisher, or time table on release.

"I don’t wanna tell you what it’s called yet or what it’s about. I’ll just say you’re looking at art by Stephen Green and Rico Renzi," Aaron shared on his website. "And the book is unlike anything I’ve ever been involved with. And it’s coming very soon to make sweet, sweaty love to all of your eyeballs."

Aaron also several new issues of his and R.M. Guera's The Goddamned are complete - for an arc titled "The Virgin Brides" - but are waiting on soliciting them until there are enough to release the entire arc in a timely fashion.

Jason Latour is drawing and writing the upcoming Southern Bastards #21, which will act as a lead-in to his and Aaron's next arc, entitled "Rebs."

For more details on those storylines, as well as new art by Guera and Latour, visit Aaron's website.

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