A New MARVEL TEAM-UP Ongoing Arrives Later This Year

Marvel Team-Up
Credit: Paco Medina (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Stefano Caselli (Marvel Comics)

A new Marvel Team-Up ongoing will be launched in April - leading off with the pairing of Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel Writer Eve Ewing and artist Joey Vazquez are scheduled to do a three-issue introductory arc with the duo - which begins with a Empire State University science demonstration gone wrong.

Credit: Todd Nauck (Marvel Comics)

"I love that they're both hometown heroes—people who are deeply rooted in where they're from," Ewing told Marvel.com. "For this story, their age difference and cultural differences are going to matter a bit. Pete was definitely very similar to Kamala once upon a time, but now he's, you know, a grown dude. His situation with Kamala is going to force him to put himself in the mind of a teen again in some unexpected ways, and Kamala is going to have to get into the head of an adult who has been in the game a lot longer than she has."

This would be the fourth volume of Marvel Team-Up following the classic Marvel title's 1972 debut.

Ewing is also confirmed to be writing a portion of February 13's Ms. Marvel #38, the final issue of G. Willow Wilson's run before that series is relaunched with a new creative team.

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