GEORGE PEREZ Announces Retirement

Avengers Vs. JLA
Avengers Vs. JLA
Credit: Marvel/DC

George Perez has announced his retirement from comic book work and private commissions, according to a statement from his facebook page.

The artist, known for lengthy runs on Justice League of America, New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Infinity Gauntlet, Avengers, Avengers Vs. JLA, and numerous other titles.

Perez credits his retirement to health issues, including his eyesight for which he's received numerous treatments over the years. Perez says he'll still create art, however his public offerings will be limited to convention sketches, for which the proceeds will go to charity.

Here's Perez's full statement:

Perez's latest published comic book work was on 2016's Sirens for BOOM! Studios, a six-issue series on which Perez was both writer and artist.

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