DC History Explored in LEGACIES, HISTORY OF... & WHO'S WHO

DC Explores History in 3 New Projects

The various eras  - or legacies - of the DC Universe is the focus of the next project DC announced this week at their official website.  Legacies is a 7-part mini-series kicking off in May from writer Len Wein and “an all-star cast of artists”.

According to DC’s The Source, “Each issue will spotlight a different era from the history of the DCU in two stories, with each issue moving us closer to the present."

The father and son team of Joe and Andy Kubert are the artists of the first issue, along with J.G. Jones in the second story, which focuses on the birth of the DCU and rise of mystery men, and the Golden Age.

“Legacies is the history of the DCU as told from the point of view of the man on the street,” says Wein. “It starts at the dawn of the Golden Age and right now it runs right up to the moments before Countdown to Infinite Crisis begins.”

“Being asked to work on these historic and iconic characters is an honor,” adds Andy Kubert. “Being asked to work with the creators involved — that I grew up reading…and got RAISED by — is not only an honor, but awe inspiring.”

But the exploration of DC's history and heroes doesn’t end there. Also announced to be published in tandem with Legacies is a brand new The History of the DC Universe series and an all-new 12-issue Who’s Who, “profiling some of the best and lesser-known characters populating the DC Universe.”

The DCU in 2010 will be “very much about pushing our most beloved characters into new worlds and to face new challenges. There’s a lot to be said about tipping your hat to the past, and the legacy of those that came before,” concludes DC’s announcement.

More on Legacies can be found at www.comicbookresources.com.

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