Arkham Knight
Credit: Brad Walker/Andrew Hennessy/Nathan Fairbairn (DC Comics)

Penciller Brad Walker has announced that he will be taking over DC Comics' Detective Comics with issue #1001. Walker recently completed the limited series The Demon: Hell is Earth and drew an issue of Supergirl.

"So, my friends DC Comics gave me the go ahead to announce I'm joining Peter J Tomasi along with Andrew Hennessy and Nathan Fairbairn on Detective Comics with issue 1001!" Walker tweeted. "We're introducing the Arkham Knight to DCU continuity! So excited!!"

Arkham Knight was the villain of the Rocksteady game Batman: Arkham Knight, who will make his DCU continuity debut in March's Detective Comics #1000.

Walker will be on rotating arcs with current series artists Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza, and David Baron.

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