MAD CAVE STUDIOS April 2019 Solicitations

Mad Cave Studios April 2019 cover
Credit: Mad Cave Studios

(W) Mark London (A/CA) Mauricio Villarreal
Ishbaal reveals information about the source of the Golden Sun and its importance. With that information, Michael and Gabrielle set off to find Raphael and Uriel. Meanwhile, a captured Lucifer reveals the truth about his treachery to Azrael and she uses that knowledge to strike at the heart of the Archangels’ true purpose. Upon Azrael’s arrival at Raphael’s camp, tragedy strikes and Raphael has no choice but to fight Azrael, Sandalphon, and Metatron. A raging Raphael is seconds away from defeating The Fallen, when the true identity of Azrael’s secret weapon is revealed...
In Shops: April 17, 2019
SRP: $3.99


(W) Mark London (A/CA) Nicolas Salamanca
The battle rages on between Yua and Genshi in dramatic fashion. After the spectacular fight between the two rival shinobi, Nishiro reveals the truth to Genshi about the Tengu and the day Nishiro found Genshi outside the village. Meanwhile, Yua is punished for her failure, as well as what is seen as betrayal, by the Koga. Finally, Akemi is given an ultimatum from her Father, Lord Haruki, who is willing to do anything to turn the village against Genshi. Even if that means harming his own people...
In Shops: April 24, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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