Preiss & Reese's ONE YEAR AFFAIR Returning to Print After 43 Years

One Year Affair
Credit: Ralph Reese

Artist Ralph Reese and the late writer Byron Preiss' memorable National Lampoon comic strip One Year Affair is being collected for a new edition due out later this year. The strip, which ran monthly in National Lampoon from 1973 to 1975, was a darkly comedic story about two people's romantic relationship as it goes from budding to flourishing, faltering, to reviving, and then ending.

"Just 52 weeks from today, the characters introduced here will terminate their relationship . . . This, then, is the ignominious beginning of a . . . One Year Affair," read the opening line of the strip.

Preiss self-published a collection of One Year Affair in 1976, but the story has not been reprinted since. Preiss and Reese briefly reunited for a planned sequel titled Two Year Affair, again with National Lampoon, but it ended after just a few installments.

Credit: Ralph Reese


This new 2019 collection of One Year Affair will be published by Classic Comics Press, with all proceeds (after production costs) given directly to Reese.

"Ralph and I are now working out the details but plans are to squeeze this project into our busy schedule and get the book out by the end of the year," says Charles Pelto, publisher of Classic Comics Press.

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