Saga of JON KENT's Change Begins in SUPERMAN #7 - Spoilers

Superman #7
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Spoilers ahead for this week's Superman #7.

In this week’s Superman #7, it’s revealed that Jonathan Kent is 17 years old and his drastic age change (since he was last seen in the summer) was the result of actually living seven years off-planet.

And now, this teenaged Jon Kent claims that Jor-El is completely insane and needs to be stopped.

The mystery of Jon’s age change was first revealed when a cover for this week’s Superman #7 revealed a much older boy than the one who left Earth in summer 2018 with Jor-El and his mother, Lois Lane.

The issue, by series writer Brian Michael Bendis, featured art by Ivan Reis, Brandon Peterson, and Jason Fabok. Its solicitation promised to reveal “secrets” upon Jon’s return to Earth.

Jon explains in #7 that he wasn’t aged by some different-colored Kryptonite, and it wasn’t the result of cloning or magic. According to Jon, he has been living in space seven years, trying to get back to Earth.

Not much of his seven-year story has been revealed yet, but #7 started to fill-in the missing pieces about what happened after Jon and

Lois left Earth. Let’s take a look at spoilers…

But first…

To recap for newbies, Jor-El was saved from the destruction of Krypton by Dr. Manhattan and had previously been hiding behind the moniker “Mr. Oz.”

Jor-El/Mr. Oz was formerly a villainous force, trying to manipulate his son into abandoning Earth. But he later repented, left Earth, then returned to take his grandson on a grand adventure through space. Lois went with them for safe-guarding.

A couple weeks later, Lois returned to Earth under odd circumstances, but Jon was still with his granddad in parts unknown. At the end of #6, Jon suddenly showed up on the final page, but he looked much older…

Credit: DC Comics

And now…

In the opening pages of Superman #7, father is hugging son and making sure he’s OK.

But then Superman asks what caused his sudden appearance as a much older person.

According to Jon, even though he’s only been absent from Earth for three weeks, he’s been trying to get back home to his father for “something like seven years.”

That’s why he’s so much older - in fact, Jon guesses that his age is now 17.

Credit: DC Comics

Jon explains that he was in Jor-El’s ship when they encountered a black hole.

But the story of the black hole will have to wait for the next issue, because the two go find Lois, who also hugs her son and makes sure Jon is OK.

And once they’re all three together, Jon’s story starts over at the very beginning…


Credit: DC Comics

When Jon Left Earth

Jon first explains that the spaceship Jor-El used to pick up Lois and Jon was actually just a shuttle. Jor-El’s ship was much larger.

After the three boarded this enormous ship and departed for space, Jor-El encouraged Lois to wear a Superwoman suit (for safety, of course).

They soon encountered the Dominators of the Dominion, who were quickly defeated by Superboy and his granddad.

Credit: DC Comics

At their next stop, after a quick cameo by Lobo, the three heard about some bad Khunds that were forcing kids into slavery. And they immediately battled them and won, with Jon doing most of the heavy lifting.

That’s when Lois realized she wasn’t needed and went home.

About Granddad…

But according to Jon, after his mother left, that’s when he started to realize something about his grandfather.

Credit: DC Comics

The issue ends with Jon stating to his father and mother: “What I’ve been trying to get back home and tell you - Grandpa is completely insane and we have to do something about it.”

The story will continue in February 13's Superman #8.

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