New CAPTAIN MARVEL Posters Throw In a New Wrinkle

"Captain Marvel" posters 1-16-19

A new set of Captain Marvel character posters feature close-up looks at much of the film's cast.

Among the new images of the film's characters, pay close attention to Annette Bening's look - she's wearing a leather jacket and shirt that look a lot more like Earth clothes than Kree uniforms.

What's even more interesting, it looks like this is the same outfit she's wearing in the film's trailers, in a scene which appears to take place on Hala (or somewhere not on Earth). What does this mean about her relationship to Carol Danvers and Earth, given Carol initially only has vague memories of her life on Earth?

Also recall last week Samuel L. Jackson vaguely referenced a scene in which enters a ship "that belonged to a doctor from Carol Danvers' past."

Could Bening be that doctor, and/or Carol's real mom, a Kree agent on Earth - as is Carol's comic book mother?

Captain Marvel is due out in theaters March 8.

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