TOM KING is Giving Away His Comic Books to Federal Employees Following Government Shutdown

Tom King
Tom King
Credit: Dylan King
Credit: Third Eye Comics

With the shutdown of the government stretching on, many federal employees are going without pay, some even still working their jobs with no compensation. Batman writer Tom King, himself a former federal employee, is reaching out to federal employees who are also comic book fans, giving away his personal comic books to those who show a government ID at an upcoming event.

The event will be held at the Annapolis, Maryland location of Third Eye Comics on Saturday, January 19. King will also be signing comic books for everyone in attendance, with or without government ID.

"With the shut down, a lot of people are suffering," said King on Twitter. "I've been there. Worked for the fed for 9 years, at times living pay check to pay check. Wanted to help, so I'm giving away my comics. This SATURDAY. Third Eye Comics. Annapolis. 11am-done."

"When our pal, and all-around amazing comic book writer extraordinaire Tom King reached out to us to let us know he had tons of DC Comics graphic novels he wanted to put in the hands of those affected by the government shutdown - we dug into the Third Eye vaults, put together a bunch of comics on our end as well - and together, we’re going to be hooking anyone who shows their government ID at Third Eye this Saturday between 11AM-9PM a free graphic novel or comic (while supplies last!)," reads Third Eye's description of the event. "And, of course, even if you don’t have a government ID, you can still come and get your Tom King comics and graphic novels signed!"

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