Marc Guggenheim Takes Over ACTION COMICS in 2010


With the War of the Supermen on the horizon, more changes are in store for Superman and his family. Action Comics, the longest running title at DC, gets a new ongoing writer next summer in comics, TV, and Movie alum Marc Guggenheim.

The announcement went up this morning at DCU Blog The Source (, but didn't offer many details. His run starts towards the beginning of the War of the Supermen crossover that will likely pit New Krypton against the forces of Earth.  Guggenheim takes over for current writer Greg Rucka. No announcement was made as to the fate of the second feature in the book, currently written by Rucka and James Robinson, featuring Captain Atom.

The writer has tackled The Flash for DC in the past, along with being one of the co-writers of the upcoming live action movie. He recently ended his run as part of the "webhead" brain-trust group of writers on for Marvel Comics.

In an interview with MTV's comics blog Splash Page (, Guggenheim expressed his enthusiasm for the character of Superman and his desire, after the crossover, to introduce new villains to Superman's Rogues Gallery and tell "quintessential" stories featuring the quintessential super hero.

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