SCOUT COMICS April 2019 Solicitations

Scout Comics April 2019 cover
Credit: Scout Comics

Written and Illustrated by Joseph Schmalke and Rich Woodall
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
The ELECTRIC BLACK, a cursed antique shop, appearing in any time or space, soliciting customers it hungers to corrupt or devour.  The mysterious Julius Black is the store's demonic proprietor and narrator. He, along with his psychopathic employees, regularly manipulates patrons for their own devious purposes. Inside the eerie emporium, all of the forbidden objects have secrets to unlock.  The poor souls that enter never leave without something. Its dark light will shine on macabre mysteries, grisly murders, and other frightful occurrences. Dare you step within the sinister halls of the ELECTRIC BLACK?
Retailer Incentive for Electric Black #1: Retailers purchasing (10) ten copies of Cover A will unlock unlimited orders of Cover B. Please reach out to you CS rep with questions about retailer incentives.


FISH EYE Trade paperback
Written by Massimo Ross and Illrustated by Stefano Cardoselli
Full Color, 112 pages, $13.99
ISBN: 9781949514100
Things aren’t always what they seem. What would you do if you found the whole world was watching your every move and everyone knew it, except for you? Travis, a small town cop and family mans, unbeknownst to him, happens to be the star of a secret reality show that follows his police exploits. The only problem is that his ratings are slipping as his life has become mundane and that’s when the producers decide to take matters into their own hands. When a group of killers target Travis, the small town cop must go to war to protect himself and his family, while trying to figure out who’s really after him. After all, ratings are king, no matter who gets hurt… or killed. It’s THE TRUMAN SHOW meets DIE HARD!" Containing the complete four issue series.


Written by Bob Frantz and Kevin Cuffe and Illustrated by Walter Ostlie
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
The next entry in the new BINGE! Imprint where Scout releases a World Premiere issue followed by the entire story a few months later in one volume. What the FIN is a Metalshark Bro? Well, here’s the liner notes summary: a traditional shark stumbles upon Satan’s nephew and is forcibly given anthropomorphic qualities. With his newfound human physique and propensity for violence, he’s tasked with collecting the souls of those that have sworn allegiance to Satan. The only problem? He just wants to be a normal shark again! Naturally, he swears bloody vengeance and, uh, a whole lot of death ensues. This new series is jam-packed with heavy metal action and dark humor that turns things up to 11. Metalshark Bro! is perfect for fans of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Tenacious D and Rick and Morty.
Retailer Incentive for Metalshark Bro #1: Retailers purchasing (10) ten copies of Cover A will unlock unlimited orders of Cover B. Please reach out to you CS rep with questions about retailer incentives.


OBLIVION Trade paperback
Written by Ken Kristensen and Illustrated by Francesco Gaston
Full Color, 136 pages, $16.99
OBLIVION: Volume One: VIRGIN TERRITORY. The hit title critics are calling “smart” and "shocking and wildly inappropriate" brings its first heart-pounding story arc collecting issues 1-5 in trade paperback format. On her seventeenth birthday an overprotected girl violently defies her parents -- vowing to lose her virginity if it’s the last thing she does! But, when her much-older boyfriend vanishes — along with seemingly every authority figure — she finds herself in the center of a catastrophic event-one whose mysterious agenda results in the appearance of horrifying otherworldly creatures and strange technologies.  Meanwhile, the desperate inmates of a Manhattan juvenile detention facility erupt in violent chaos as they realize they may starve to death behind bars. Unbeknownst to them, a sympathetic and well-armed group of outsiders plans to break into the facility. But as bloodshed escalates inside, will there be anyone alive to rescue? With the world growing more savage by the hour, everything is pushed to the brink as the survivors discover a terrifying new ticking clock in the phenomenon that has come to be known as the “Oblivion.”  A brutal story of survival for fans of Planet of the Apes and Lord of the Flies — brought to life by Netflix’s The Punisher writer Ken Kristensen.


Written and Illustrated by Peter Ricq
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
Part 3 of 4 of the epic post-apocalyptic tale set in 1839 Germany where creatures from another world have conquered the land. After Fritz escapes the prison where he was held captive, he finds himself and Meemo in a town just like the one he grew up in long ago. A town that is safe, jovial and filled with men, women and even some children. After seeing the man in charge and how he runs things, Fritz plans to free Ingrid and make a run for it with their new friends. A tale for both little ones and big ones, ONCE OUR LAND is a fantasy, sci-fi, period and action story rolled into one epic package.


Written and Illustrated by Don Aguillo
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
Young Queen Zakaiah and her reluctant entourage are in the midst of ambush by a cadre of vicious soul-thieves on the dark road to the first in the trials of the House of Jasser, a series of tests designed to train her to rule the Kingdom she’s inherited.  Uncertain about the individuals assembled to guide and guard her and lost in a foreign landscape, she learns her first lesson in survival and sacrifice.


Written by Richard Rivera and Illustrated by Clara Meath
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
Set in the STABBITY BUNNY universe! Bard and Joy have been captured by a new mysterious sect!  Where do their overall loyalties lie and what is their ultimate agenda?   Bard quickly develops an unexpected mentor relationship that threatens to come between our heroes.  With the monks’ caravan flanked by the Shadow King's Guardsmen, it doesn't look good for our heroes.


Written by Don Handfield and Illustrated by Leno Carvalho
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
“Dark Secrets”. The past comes back to haunt all of our characters when their darkest secrets are revealed. Barrett and Cate’s blossoming romance is cut short when her “mother”, Mrs. Putnam, reveals a devastating truth about her past. Barrett’s mastery of the Source accelerates, but with this knowledge comes a realization that he will never be powerful enough to defeat the Few. With Barrett's 'followers' now losing faith, a betrayal in their ranks leads Medraut to their location -- threatening to erase all knowledge of magic from the world forever. Co-written by History Channel’s Knightfall writer Don Handfield and Joshua Malkin and Illustrated by Leno Carvalho


Written by Andrew Clemson and Illustrated by Jethro Morales
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
A foul-mouthed, over-the-top Sci-Fi romp, equal parts Red Dwarf and grain alcohol. Whilst Emperor Morg licks his wounds, the crew of the Ghost-Huffer meet their contact on Axion-5 only to be ambushed by a bloodthirsty lizard bounty hunter sent to bring Greeves in. Will Greeves survive the encounter? Probably, or it would be hard to do a third issue!


Written and Illustrated by Brian Middleton Jr.
Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
Wulfborne is in for the fight of his life against the monstrous Cruck! Will words whispered to him long ago by his lost love Luna provide him strength or just add to his misery? And what of the sweet voiced angel who promised to heal Wulfborne's heart? She doesn't look nearly as angelic as she sounds! Will the bitter swordsman trade away his broken heart or keep the promise he made to Luna? Find out in the epic conclusion to Wulfborne's dungeon crawling adventure!

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