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Shazam! is the next film in the DC Extended Universe, and the DCEU's first solo superhero movie that features a character not in the Justice League. But star Zachary Levi says he'd love for the Big Red Cheese to make it to the League - and he knows just how he'd fit in.

“That would be amazing!” Levi told Total Film when asked about joining the Justice League. “Shazam would fit. The person he’d be closest to is the Flash because of their youth and humour. And we’ve gotta have Shazam and Superman interactions. They’re, like, the same, but totally different...”

What's more, Shazam!'s place in the DCEU confirms some of the way the rest of the world sees the Justice League, with Billy's friend Freddy Freeman (played by Jack Dylan Glazer), a specific fan of Batman and Superman.

Newsarama recently offered a suggestion as to a slightly rebranded DC superteam that could include Shazam!

Shazam! is due out in theaters April 5. 

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