MARVEL TALES: FANTASTIC FOUR #1 Missing a Page, Will be Reprinted

Marvel Tales: Fantastic Four #1
Credit: Jack Kirby (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Jen Bartel (Marvel Comics)

January 2's Marvel Tales: Fantastic Four #1 was missing a page, leading Marvel to announce a reprint for later this month. The publisher will be providing these corrected replacement copies to retailers at no cost (besides shipping); readers who bought the misprinted issue are encouraged to return them to their retailer.

Marvel Tales; Fantastic Four #1 reprinted several key FF issues including Fantastic Four Annual #6 (the birth of Franklin Richards), Fantastic Four #4 (Namor's debut in the book), and Fantastic Four #245 (a special Invisible Woman story).

The reprint magazine featured a new cover by Jen Bartel.

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