Marvel Comics January 2019 solicitations
Credit: Jamal Campbell (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Gerald Parel (Marvel Comics)

Star Wars writer Kieron Gillen has announced that he is leaving title this summer with issue #67. Gillen
has written the series since November 2017's #38

"I have three issues left to write in 'The Scourging of Shu-Torun.' That's issue 67, the end of my story, and I'll be off," Gillen writes in the newest edition of his Word Mail newsletter. "No present plans to write anything else in Star Wars – I suspect I've said all I've wanted to about these characters in comics. At least in this period, anyway."

Gillen has been involved with Marvel's Star Wars line since 2015, first writing the Darth Vader ongoing, then seguing to launch Doctor Aphra and write Star Wars.

Marvel has solicited Star Wars through issues #62 and #63 in March 2019; if the series continues at a twice-monthly schedule, Gillen's run would end in May 2019.

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