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This week's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 from Tom Taylor, Juann Cabal, and Marcelo Ferrera takes a look at Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's freshly renewed relationship - and the potential unintended consequences of their reunion.

Read on to find out what's at stake in Peter Parker's personal life - but be warned, there are spoilers from here on out.

Spoilers ahead for Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1.

Credit: Marvel Comics

In the back-up story for Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 by Taylor and artist Marcel Ferrera, Peter takes MJ on a date, swinging around the city in a Spider-Man mask. The date culminates in a picnic at the top of the Chrysler Building - but that's not the most dramatic moment of the story.

Throughout the story of Peter and MJ's date, the sequence is intercut with scenes of Aunt May visiting a doctor's office along with epistolary narration from a note May has left for Peter. 

In the note, May explains that she has something to tell Peter, but doesn't know how and doesn't want him to worry. Moreover, she is purposefully avoiding having Peter accompany her to the doctor. Peter follows her anyway as Spider-Man, but is sidelined by helping a kid deal with some bullies.

But as May sits in the doctor's office, the dark truth of what's going on comes to light - May has cancer. 

Credit: Marvel Comics

While not explained outright, given the way May's cancer diagnosis is juxtaposed with Peter and MJ's date over the entire story, it's possible the implication is that May's cancer may have occurred as a result of Pete and MJ getting back together. As you might recall, Peter and MJ gave up their marriage in a deal with Mephisto to save May's life back in 2007's "One More Day" storyline in Amazing Spider-Man.

With Peter and MJ now back together, Mephisto's deal may be null and void, meaning May might have to die - or they'll have to break up again. 

And speaking of Mephisto, it seems he's not done with Spider-Men. He appeared in January 2's Champions #1 speaking to Miles Morales about some kind of deal between the two - though the details of the apparent bargain remain unspoken.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2 is due out January 23.

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