Warren Ellis
Credit: Ellen J. Rodgers
Credit: Netflix

Warren Ellis says that he had to turn down an offered role in Netflix's Black Mirror: Bandersnatch because of his work on the Castlevania animated series, also on Netflix. In the latest edition of his weekly Orbital Operations newsletter, Ellis talks about the missed connection.

"True story: I was asked to play the role of the mysterious author Jerome F Davies in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch," Ellis wrote. "They asked me in late March 2018, for an early April shoot. Three days, and one of the days had not yet been specified. Six hours' train travel a day to get to the location and back. And I was just too busy with my own show (named the best animated series of 2018 by IGN, and also nominated in their shortlist for best overall television series of the year, thank you IGN) to burn three days, with the possibility that the floating day (the actual filming day) would be one I couldn't do. Still very grateful to have been asked."

Ultimately, English video game designer Jeff "Yak" Minter was cast as Jerome F. Davies.

Ellis writes the ongoing Castlevania series, and also acts as one of the executive producers.

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