Soule & Browne's CURSE WORDS To End at #25

Curse Words
Credit: Ryan Browne (Image Comics)
Credit: Ryan Browne (Image Comics)

Charles Soule and Ryan Browne's Curse Words series from Image Comics will be ending with issue #25. Soule announced the finale over at his website.

"Ryan Browne and I have decided to end the series at #25, because that seemed like the right place for the story to stop - we didn’t want to extend it past its natural life," Soule wrote on his website. "We will be doing a Spring Special, with art from Mike Norton, and then #21-25. So, you have eight more issues of Curse Words to look forward to. It’ll all be over by the fall, but there are still plenty of amazing adventures to come from Wizord, Margaret and the gang."

Credit: Ryan Browne (Image Comics)

Soule goes on to say that there is some "very cool Curse Words stuff in development" however, with him expecting to be able to talk about it latert this month.

And while Soule and Browne's Curse Words will be ended, the duo have already made plans for another project together - a seven-issu series that has an "extremely high concept".

"It started as one of Ryan’s weird throwaway gags he drops into things from time to time, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.," Soule explained. "'Thar’s gold in them thar throwaway gag, I tells ya,' I said to Ryan, and he said 'Prove it,' all hostile-like how he can be – you know how he gets – and so I did, and now that’s the thing we’re doing next. Ryan and I got to hang out a bit over Christmas (we both have family in Detroit) and man, it’s great to work with that guy. I hope we do books forever and ever. And ever. Amen."

Curse Words #19 comes out January 9, with #20 following on January 30, and then the fourth collected volume on February 27.

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