Two Reunions, Two Dueling Murderer Theories in HEROES IN CRISIS #4 - SPOILERS

Heroes in Crisis #4
Credit: Clay Mann/Tomeu Morey (DC Comics)
Credit: Trevor Hairsine/Rainier Beredo (DC Comics)

In this week’s Heroes in Crisis #4, the Blue and the Gold are reunited and some secrets have gone public, but investigators are no closer to figuring out who killed everyone.

Spoilers ahead.

In a move that should make Justice League International fans happy, DC’s murder mystery series Heroes in Crisis has united Booster Gold and Ted Kord after the latter broke his friend out of jail. The two will presumably be working together to prove that Booster Gold wasn’t the one who killed dozens of people in the title’s central murder mystery.

Booster’s not the only murder suspect who found a team-up partner, as Harley Quinn is now working in conjunction with Batgirl.

After several issues of clues, this week’s issue didn’t reveal much new about the mass murder at the hero/villain treatment center called Sanctuary.

Instead, the story’s big reveal was that The Daily Planet has published information about superheroes using the Sanctuary to recover from mental illness and PTSD.

And that’s not going to bolster the public’s trust in the superheroes of the DCU…

Let’s take a look at spoilers for Heroes in Crisis #4.

Credit: Clay Mann/Tomeu Morey (DC Comics)


First up, the issue reveals that news of Wally’s death has finally spread through the DCU. Tempest is in a bar, drinking himself silly, but Donna Troy picks him up and takes him home, carrying his limp body over her shoulder.

So the Titans appear to be mourning Wally.

Back at Sanctuary, the investigation continues. And Batman and the Flash have both (separately) figured out the identity of the killer!

The only problem?

Credit: Clay Mann/Tomeu Morey (DC Comics)

Flash thinks it was Booster.

Batman thinks it was Harley.

That’s not good.

And… Barry Allen cusses.

There’s a couple other heroes that aren’t happy about Batman and Flash’s disagreement regarding Harley and Booster: Black Canary and Green Arrow.

As Ollie and Dinah mourn Roy Harper, they’re threatening to kill both Booster and Harley and “let the afterlife’s greatest detective” figure out which one of them committed the crime.

Credit: Clay Mann/Tomeu Morey (DC Comics)

Booster’s Story

Meanwhile, Booster is being compelled by Wonder Woman’s lasso to tell the truth.

He honestly believes he witnessed Harley Quinn attacking people at Sanctuary. And he believes he didn’t do it.

Booster remembers Harley also attacking him outside Sanctuary, and he believes she knocked him out because, apparently, his shield was not working at the time (and still wasn’t working after he later came to).

He tells Wonder Woman that after being rendered unconscious by Harley, he woke up on the Sanctuary lawn, surrounded by bodies, and that’s when he flew away from the site.

So…Booster truly believes he didn’t kill anyone. But does his “belief” mean he didn’t do it?

Credit: Clay Mann/Tomeu Morey (DC Comics)



OK, so we’ve seen Batman and Wonder Woman’s problems. But Superman’s got a completely different conundrum.

Remember the Sanctuary “confession” that was mailed to Lois Lane in Heroes in Crisis #2? Well, she’s gotten a few more. She tells Clark that “every day, a new confession from a new hero comes in.” And they’re all being sent to Lois at The Daily Planet from someone who identifies themselves as “The Puddlers” (as we saw in #2).

Lois can’t sit on the story any longer.

Speaking of confessions, throughout the issue, readers see several of the confessions by various characters that visited Sanctuary (as in past chapters of Heroes in Crisis).

This time, the confessions are from people who did not die in the slaughter, including:

- Batgirl, whose confession focuses on her bullet hole scars from Joker’s attack;

- Donna Troy, who wonders out loud whether the stories of the gods are true;

- Black Canary, who just dismisses the entire confession process and leaves without participating;

- and Blue Beetle, who reveals that he treasures his friendship with Booster Gold.

Credit: Clay Mann/Tomeu Morey (DC Comics)

Harley and Booster Find Friends

Harley, meanwhile, is hiding out (after getting away from the Trinity a few issues back). But Batgirl finds her.

Batgirl convinces Harley that she understands her pain because, you know, they are both victims of Joker. And they hug.

At the Hall of Justice, Booster’s in his cell talking to Blue Beetle - the original Blue Beetle, in his costume.

Blue Beetle says he was thinking about breaking Booster out of jail. But Michael says, you know, they can’t because … well, it’s the Trinity.

Ted agrees.

Credit: Clay Mann/Tomeu Morey (DC Comics)

But he breaks him out anyway. He uses his flying “Bug” ship to blast away the doors of the cell.

“Bros before heroes,” Ted says. Michael echoes him as the two bump fists.

Tense Trinity

The scene switches to “an hour ago.” (Not sure what it’s an hour before?)

Anyway, in the Batcave, the Trinity is catching up with each other and we hear Batman reveal to Wonder Woman that Kord Industries helped build the Hall of Justice (apparently explaining why Booster was able to escape).

Credit: Clay Mann/Tomeu Morey (DC Comics)

Wonder Woman is so ticked off about Booster’s escape that she punches Batman’s giant penny, which falls to the cave floor and smashes a Batmobile.

Batman is like, uh, Superman … why didn’t you stop that penny from totally crushing my pretty car?

But Superman is rather distracted because he has to tell Diana and Bruce something: Lois is doing a story on Sanctuary for The Daily Planet.

Superman explains about the confessions she received. Batman’s angry because he thinks Superman should have told them earlier about somebody mailing the confessions. They could have been investigating it.

But Superman claims he was keeping Lois’ newspaper source a secret (because, you know, he’s the husband of a reporter).

And actually, Superman admits, Lois’ story hit the web like 35 second ago.


Going Public

Readers are shown Lois’ “Sanctuary” story, which is basically about how some superheroes have mental health problems and PTSD, and how there’s this treatment center they visit in the Midwest called Sanctuary.

But the story doesn’t appear to name names. And it doesn’t seem to mention the murders.

Harley and Batgirl are on a rooftop when Batgirl hears (over her ear piece) that there’s a story in The Daily Planet.

“It’s all out - everyone knows about Sanctuary,” she tells Harley. “This’ll change … the world.”

Credit: Clay Mann/Tomeu Morey (DC Comics)

“Okay, good,” Harley says. “&*%@ the world. It needs changing.”

Heroes in Crisis #5 is due out January 30.

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