Tracking Down BENDIS' 2019 Teases

Panel from "Batman #18"
Panel from "Batman #18"
Credit: Alex Maleev (DC Comics/Jinxworld)

Following writer Brian Michael Bendis' Instagram post featuring a series of ten images which hint at stories he's got coming in 2019, we've hunted down the sources of those images as closely as possible.

Here's what we found, along with full-size versions of the images where applicable:

Credit: DC Comics
Page from "Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #29"
Page from "Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #29"
Credit: Jack Kirby/D. Bruce Berry (DC Comics)
1.    An image of Batman Beyond, potentially drawn by Michael Avon Oeming. Oeming and Bendis are long-time collaborators.
2.    An image of Wonder Woman, artist undetermined.
3.    Close up of page from Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #29.
4.    A close-up on the cover of Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #114, in which Lois competes with a villain named Thorn for Superman’s affection.
5.    Alex Maleev-drawn Batman from 2013, during Scott Snyder’s "New 52" Batman run. Bendis and Maleev are long time collaborators. (Seen in full above).
6.    Close-up on an undetermined page featuring OMAC, probably drawn by John Byrne.
Credit: DC Comics
7.    Close up of Legion of Super-Heroes logo.
8.    Close up of Wildfire’s faceplate, possibly with Polar Boy’s reflection. Direct source still undetermined.
9.    Possible new, original art from Ivan Reis (image doesn't turn up any results in Google image search), which, judging by the prominently featured pen, may connect to JSA heroes Johnny Thunder and Jakeem Thunder, who kept their mythical wish-granting Thunderbolt in an pen.
10.    Close up of a inked page apparently featuring Jon Kent.
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