SCOTT SNYDER & CHARLES SOULE Working on Creator-Owned Title 'About America'

Scott Snyder & Charles Soule
Scott Snyder & Charles Soule
Credit: Scott Snyder

Writers Scott Snyder and Charles Soule have announced that they are working on a creator-owned title together, expected to launch sometime in 2019. Here is Snyder's tweet announcing it:

Followed up by one from Soule, giving a little more information:


Back on December 30, Soule blogged about a "huge creator-owned thing" that had been in the works fort wo years that he was co-writing with someone - which seems to match up with Soule's now-announced project with Snyder.

"The artist is on board is awesome, perfect for this, and I’ve worked with them before," Soule wrote. "We should have issue 1 on stands by New York Comic Con in the fall, barring something insane happening. I think it’ll go. We’ve never gotten this close before to actually producing the book, and I know we all want it to happen. It’s a mini, probably 5-6 issues, and it’s about America."

This year's New York Comic Con is scheduled for October 3 - 6, 2019.

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