Post Game TV Recap: FRINGE S2E9 "Snakehead"

Post Game TV Recaps: FRINGE Season 2 Ep

Hopefully the viewers of Fringe have strong stomachs for this episode starring four foot hook worm like parasites.  The cool parasites aside, it felt like Fringe had taken 2 steps forward with the previous episode and three steps back with Thursday’s “Snakehead.”  Once again, an episode with a neat and grotesque creature, but not too much plot substance.

When a boat full of dead Chinese refugees finds its way ashore, the previously mentioned large hook worm like parasites are a big clue that this was more than just a boating accident.  After Walter dissects the worms (while keeping one as a pet), he finds that the worms contain an immune boosting agent which is being used on the black market to treat several patients with severe immune deficiencies.  

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the episode was Walter himself.  Of course, he is the only one that would be truly fascinated by worm like parasites and even enjoy being fed on by one.  But “Snakehead” took a deeper approach to Walter, past his endearing eccentricities.  Walter longs to be independent and decides to take action to do so by planning his own outfits, finding his own transportation and going out on excursions on his own.  However, try as he might, this episode showed that it may be early yet for Walter to really find his independence.

I was a little frustrated by the kidnapping of Peter by the Chinese gang members in one of the final scenes of the episode.  It seems like the show keeps putting Peter into these hostage situations, both testing and displaying his mortality.  Each time, Walter finds himself in an internal struggle with Peter being in harm’s way.  He’s already lost Peter once, and as the danger heightens, it seems so does Peter’s need to be heroic.  Little does he know the secret his father holds.  I just wish that they would hurry up and reveal some details with that plot element.

Overall, it was an awesome creepy creature episode.  I really enjoyed the gross parasites and thought that they were a highlight.  Walter, once again, took center stage next to the parasites.  But the plot?  Left a little to be desired.  However, it looks like the upcoming episode could pick up the pace again!  Thoughts?

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