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Once Upon A Deadpool has come and gone from theaters like a Christmas miracle, but Biranna Hildrebrand is here to stay after her breakout performance in the franchise.

Hildebrand, who is currently filming a new Netflix series called Trinkets, spoke with Newsarama about her rise to fame, how Deadpool fits into the modern world, and also how it - and her character of Negasonic Teenage Warhead - could fit inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Walt Disney.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Newsarama: Okay Brianna, who do you think the audience for this movie is? 

Brianna Hildebrand: I would say probably a late teen would be into this but I also think that it’s really cool they even put out a PG-13 version of Deadpool. I always get people coming to my booth at conventions, usually parents, and say how "oh my daughter would love this but she’s still way too young," but I think part of Deadpool’s humor is so childish anyway, I feel like kids should get a kick out of it.

Nrama: Since it's released for the holidays, what do you think Negasonic's holiday traditions would be?

Hildebrand: Oh my God, I think Negasonic would be the grinchiest, but considers that she might hang with her girlfriend, Yukio. Yukio is probably very good at celebrating Christmas, so they might make a compromise, much like how my girlfriend and I do because I’m not really a Christmas person and she enjoys decorating. Actually the idea of Negasonic Christmas caroling isn’t a bad idea.

Nrama: They say laughter is the best medicine, but they’ve taken that literally here. A portion of the box office proceeds from Once Upon a Deadpool will be donated to the Fudge Cancer charity. Cancer has certainly been a harrowing presence in history of Wade as a character, and likewise invades so many of our lives. Was there something specific which prompted this particular act of giving?

Hildebrand: I don’t know actually. That’s a good question. I know they did the Super Duper Cut, which I know a lot of people enjoyed, that included a lot of scenes that didn’t make the final cut, but also I don’t know... that’s a good question, but I think it’s a great idea that we’re doing the $1 from every ticket deal and it’s great that it’s tied back to the original story as well.

Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: Has your level of celebrity hit you yet? I mean, you have your own Funko POP! figure, toys, shirts, even memes going around.

Hildebrand: I don’t think so. I still consider myself a regular person and people generally have no idea who I am so I can just go to Whole Foods looking like s--- and not have to worry about people getting too excited about me, ya know? I think if anything like that does explode for me, that’ll be interesting to figure out how to navigate it.

Nrama: How do you think Negasonic would adapt to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or even Disney for that matter?

Brianna Hildebrand
Brianna Hildebrand
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HIldebrand: I don’t know. There’s so much about the whole Disney thing I’m unaware of. Even this whole Once Upon A Deadpool thing isn’t even remotely related, I just got an email about "this is happening" and you can be here at Disney if you wanted and I’m like "Okay, I’ll be there!"

I don’t know but it’ll be exciting to see.

Nrama: What do you have planned next for film or TV?

Hildebrand: I am really into drama and I think a drama film would nice and a good change of pace for me. I’m always playing these angry people, which is fine by me, but would love to switch it up. Right now, I’m filming a show on Netflix called Trinkets, where I play a character that is more timid and not really grown into herself yet.

Nrama: With her popularity, would you be open to a Negasonic spin-off down the line or maybe a solo comic book?

Hildebrand: I haven’t literally thought of that but I would be down. Maybe give her an origin story to see how we got here. That’d be fun to see!

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