IDW Revitalizing a Major Property in 2019 (And Possibly More Than One)

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Chris Ryall
Chris Ryall
Credit: IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing President/Publisher/Chief Creative Officer Chris Ryall has penned an open letter to comic book retailers explaining the recent staff changes at the company, as well as teasing what's to come.

This comes just days after he returned to IDW after a stint at Skybound, and speaks about the company's changes and the path ahead.

Here is the letter, in full:

Dear Valued Retail Partners,

The comic industry has always been one of constant change -- that's one of its many strengths - but even I have to admit, this year
has been a bit crazy at IDW in that regard.

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There have been so many comings and goings and different faces in similar roles, you'd think that we had all entered the Spiderverse. And I fully appreciate that the view from outside these walls was one of "The Order Changeth" fatigue.

Change is always an odd thing, since we all tend to thrive on normalcy. The fact is, though, that sometimes people just move on. But, as Stephen King once wrote, "Sometimes They Come Back."

When I first joined IDW in 2004 as their second Editor-in-Chief, the company was only two years into its comic-publishing history but five years into its existence. What I learned from the start was that I loved the company: its employees, its properties, its mission, its approach to doing business in a fair, equitable way. It all emphasized my lifelong love of this industry.

In March 2018, after almost fifteen great years here, it felt like time to stretch a bit. Then co-founder Ted Adams decided to take a well-deserved break and President & Publisher Greg Goldstein opted to go see more of the world than is visible between these walls. That was when the chance to return came about, and I realized that as much as I was very happy at Skybound, IDW is my comic-universe family.

So I'm back just as IDW is getting ready to enter its 20th anniversary. Rather than celebrate ourselves, we want 2019 (and the years beyond) to be a celebration of the retail community who is likewise our extended family (to that end, I know Dirk and Joel are your primary and super-helpful points of contact here but I also invite any of you who have questions, concerns, comments, or just wants to talk comics, to e-mail me directly. I'd love to hear from you on what is going well and what we could do better.); a feting of the fans who have supported us all these years; and an honoring of the creators who made so many dreams come to vivid visual life.

Credit: IDW Publishing

Some of the projects I presided over in my near-decade-and-a-half included bringing in Transformers; launching Locke & Key; co-creating Zombies vs Robots; and bringing in a wildly diverse and talented creative pool! For 2019, not only will you see one (or more...!) properties revitalized and multiple fan-favorite creators returning, but we also have a year-long party planned and many retail initiatives in mind to help you strengthen the business that is our industry's very lifeblood: exciting new projects designed to drive fans to comic stores; sales programs and incentives to offer you additional support; and great, inventive product to keep people energized and engaged.

Times of change are also always times of reflection, and what this coming-and-going has reminded me is how much I appreciate the opportunity to have such vital partners as our retail community, and I look forward to many more years of changing and growing with you all.

Happy New Year!

Chris Ryall,
IDW President & Publisher/Chief Creative Officer

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