WIZARD WORLD Changing Its Company Name Back to its 1990s Roots

Wizard Entertainment
Credit: Wizard Entertainment

Wizard World, Inc. is changing its name back to Wizard Entertainment, Inc. This comes just one week before its ninth annual Wizard World: New Orleans event on January 4-6, 2019 - the beginning of a revised 2019 run of conventions.

"Wizard Entertainment is a name that more appropriately captures the breadth of initiatives we are planning as we head into 2019," said company CEO John D. Maatta. "In addition to our successful live events across North America, the name reflects our additional opportunities in other regions such as China, location-based entertainment initiatives, and participation in strategic [mergers and acquisitions] opportunities."

Wizard Entertainment was the company name in the mid-to-late 1990s and into the early 2000s before the company transitioned from being a magazine publishing company to focusing primarily on comic conventions.

The newly-renamed company plans to continue branding its conventions under the "Wizard World" name.

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