CAPTAIN MARVEL's BINARY Form Teased for Movie

Still from 'Captain Marvel'
Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Hasbro

A new Marvel Legends Captain Marvel action figure from Hasbro shows the film version of Carol Danvers in her fully-powered cosmic energy form – which the package identifies as her “Binary form.” This is promoted as a tie-in to the Captain Marvel movie, which makes it even more interesting.

That straight-from-the-comic-books tidbit references a period from Carol’s history following the X-Men’s Rogue absorbing her memories and powers and putting her in a coma. When Carol awoke, though her powers were gone, she resumed a life of adventure, eventually accompanying the X-Men into space in her civilian identity.

While in space, Carol was captured and experimented on by the Brood, who used her unique physiology to give her the power to channel the raw energy of a star – a power that caused her to transform into a being of cosmic flame called “Binary” (as in a Binary star system) when in use.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Once her original Ms. Marvel abilities returned years later, Carol could occasionally call up the power of Binary, though it was difficult to control, and the ability eventually faded.

However, in recent years, the Binary power has returned, allowing her to once again channel that level of power and undergo a physical transformation similar to the one adapted by the action figure – and potentially similar to the scene in the Captain Marvel trailer  featuring Carol channeling a massive wave of energy.

Captain Marvel is due out in theaters March 8, 2019.

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