Teen X-MEN Leave, But an Iconic Hero Returns EXTERMINATION #5 - SPOILERS

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Credit: Marvel Comics

This week’s Extermination #5 from writer Ed Brisson and artists Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia finally seemingly closesthe book on the story of the young, time-displaced founding X-Men – but not without opening a long–closed door in the process.

With a new chapter of the X-Men already underway in Uncanny X-Men (co-written by Brisson), Extermination puts one of the last missing pieces of the classic team back in place. Read on to find out how.

Spoilers ahead for Extermination #5.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Finally realizing there’s no way to defeat Ahab from turning all the X-Men into hounds without trusting teen Cable, the teen X-Men travel into the past to find the key to freeing their allies and stopping Ahab – but at the cost of finally returning to their home time.

The team makes a pitstop a few years in the past to confront Maxime and Manon before they were turned by Ahab, with Manon psychically implanting knowledge of how to undo their control in young Jean’s mind. As Cyclops and Cable destroy Ahab’s ship by pulling out the big guns (literally), the teen X-Men return to their home time period.

But there’s another price – they’ve got to give up their memories of what happened to them while they were in the future. But thanks to Manon’s influence, Jean is able to sequester the memories in their minds, to be unlocked when they are adults – meaning their grown-up, modern day counterparts remember everything that happened while they were in the future even though their younger selves don’t.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

This also gives adult Jean the knowledge of how to break Ahab’s hound control, freeing the X-Men and sending the villain to ground. Teen Cable returns to the present and vows to defeat Ahab before going back to his base to regroup, while in the present adult Jean, Bobby, Hank, and Warren toast the fallen adult Scott over milkshakes - who died back in 2017's Inhuman vs. X-Men.

Back at teen Cable’s base, he relaxes by grabbing a couple cold ones (“Daddy” brand root beer), saying “The young X-Men are back in their own time. Ahab’s mutant murder future isn’t happening. Everything is as it should be.”

”It’s finally time for you to come back … Dad,” and with that, he passes one of the root beers to the adult Cyclops, lounging in Cable’s base in his Astonishing X-Men-era costume – possibly through the power of time travel.

Cyclops’ story will continue in Uncanny X-Men.

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