GEARS OF WAR Returns to Bust Some Hives in New Comic Title

IDW Publishing March 2019 cover
Credit: IDW Publishing
Credit: IDW Publishing

Return to Sera this March as IDW Publishing is releasing a new Gears of War title with the Coalition and Microsoft Studios. In this new five-issue series subtitled Hivebusters, a new squad has been sent to bust a Swarm hive on the remote island of Pahunu. This isn't any normal mission however, as this is the Swam that decimated one of the team's hometown settlement.

Rise of RAAM writer Kurtis Wiebe returns for Gears of War: Hivebusters, joined by Dark Souls artist Alan Quah.

“I'm really happy to be back on this new arc for Gears of War,” Wiebe said. “We’re taking the story back to the human side with three new characters that I’ve played a major role in developing. Even with all the blood and violence, I’m weaving a heartfelt story around our three main heroes: Mac, Lahni, and Keegan. I can’t wait for it to hit stores in 2019!”

This comes as Microsoft Studios is developing a new game, Gears 5, for release sometime in 2019.

“Expanding the lore of Gears through comics allows us to introduce our fans to new characters and new stories, while also reaching a new audience with our partners at IDW," said the Coalition's studio head, Rod Fergusson. "Following the success of Rise of RAAM, we’re thrilled to have Kurtis return and to welcome Alan into the Gears family with Hivebusters, as their combined talents will help to craft a deeply personal and perilous adventure from an entirely new perspective. I can’t wait!"

Here is the solicitation for the first issue, due out in March 2019. Look for IDW's full March 2019 solicitations later this month.

Gears of War: Hivebusters #1
Kurtis Wiebe (w) • Alan Quah (a & c) John Gallagher (variat)
From the creators of Gears of War and Kurtis Wiebe, the writer of the hit Rise of RAAM miniseries, comes a pulse-pounding new mission with a whole new squad—Team Scorpio! After successfully busting a Swarm hive on the remote island of Pahanu, this suicide squad will face their most dangerous mission yet—going after the Swarm that decimated the home settlement of one of their own!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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