ALTERNA COMICS March 2019 Solicitations

Alterna Comics March 2019 cover
Credit: Alterna Comics

(W/A) Hank Tucker
(L) Wes Locher
Fed up with being Magnanimo’s unwated side-kick and ridiculed by both heroes and villains, Roger has had enough. Is he really calling it quits even though it’s just his second issue? THE ACTUAL ROGER is created, written, and illustrated by Hank Tucker, the director of THE TICK animated series!
$1.50, 32 pages, Full Color, All Ages


BLOOD REALM Vol.2 #1 of 3
(W/A/L) Robert Geronimo
During General Gorn's quest for the Black Heart, a team of Saytrian warriors are sent on a treacherous mission across the lands of Mhordrin and to the Hollow Fortress. There they must uncover the whereabouts of a missing Saytrian battalion… and a secret more terrifying than their darkest nightmares.
$1.50, 32 pages, Black/Red/White, 17+

(W) Eric Borden
(A) Dave Mims
(L) Spike O'Laochdha
The crew of the Runaway Horse meets up with the fearsome Playa Rojo Cartel, now under the leadership of Mariposa's younger sister, Salome. Lead and glass fly as Hans and crew help Salome and the PRC raid a corporate caravan on the road to Mexico City.
$1.50, 32 pages, Full Color, 17+


UNIT 44 #2 of 4
(W/L) Wes Locher
(A) Ed Jimenez
Agents Gibson and Hatch track the new owners of unit 44, but the items remain just outside their grasp. What the heck was inside that locker and why is Senior Agent Ballard so desperate to get it back? In the midst of this crazy chaos, a new threat emerges!
$1.50, 32 pages, Full Color, 12+


(W) Dave Swartz
(A) Joseph Cooper
(L) Wes Locher
Betrayed by someone dear to him, Teska must figure out what has happened before it’s too late. Who is this grotesque monster before him and what kind of a horrifying beings inhabit this alien world? The shocking conclusion of FEAST OR FAMINE has arrived!
$1.50, 40 pages, Full Color, 12+


(W/A/L) Michael S. Bracco
ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) is a monthly series that features out of print all ages and young adult comics that were published a year ago or longer. The second part of ADAM WRECK’s cosmic adventure continues as he tries to rescue his parents from space pirates!
99 cents!, 32 pages, Full Color, All Ages

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