BORDER TOWN #5-6 Cancelled, #1-4 Made Returnable

Border Town #1
Credit: Ramon Villalobos/Tamra Bonvillain (DC Comics/Vertigo)

DC Entertainment has apparently cancelled its Vertigo imprint title Border Town following the departure of its art team Ramon Villalobos and Tamra Bonvillain.

Villalobos and Bonvillain announced their departure from the title earlier this week, citing public allegations of assault against series writer Eric M. Esquivel.

DC has not offered any comment on the situation or given definitive word on the status of the series, however their latest retailer mailer included a note cancelling orders for January's Border Town #5 and February's Border Town #6. Additionally, it has made issues #1-4 of the series returnable by retailers starting January 2.

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