A DC Superhero YULE LOG Video & Failed 2006 AQUAMAN Pilot Coming to DC Universe

Christmas With the Super-Heroes
Credit: John Byrne (DC Comics)
Credit: Warner Bros. Television

Just in time for the holiday season, on Monday the DC Universe streaming service will be adding a DC-themed Yule Log fireplace video fo you to put on the background this month - or you know, just to check out for the curiosity factor.

Also coming to the streaming service, albeit not until January 11, is the 2006 pilot for a Aquaman show. Developed by Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar, Aquaman starred Justin Hartley as Arthur "A.C." Curry in a revisionist take on the Atlantean hero. Although it was never picked up to series, DC eventually posted it on iTunes and actually aired as a TV movie on Canada's YTV.

It's worth a look for curiosity's sake, but also to see some surprisingly notable co-stars including Adrianne Palicki, Ving Rhames, and Lou Diamond Phillips.

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