THE WALKING DEAD Actor Cast as DC's WILDCAT - Report

Credit: DC Comics

Brian Stapf has been cast as Wildcat in DC Universe's Stargirl television series, according to TV Insider.

While not specified, given previous confirmation that the show will feature the Justice Society of America - and that Wildcat was a key member of that team during Stargirl showrunner Geoff Johns' run on that title - it seems logical that the DC hero would also be a part of it here.

Originally created in 1942 by Bill Finger and Irwin Hasen, Wildcat (real name: Theodore "Ted" Grant) is a professional boxer who gets tied up in the criminal underworld and becomes a masked vigilante to exonerate himself. In comic books, he trained several superheroes in hand-to-hand combat including Batman, Superman, and Black Canary.

The character has previously appeared in both Smallville and Arrow, played by Roger Hasket and J.R. Ramirez, respectively.

Stapf just finished a stint on FX's The Purge, but will be known to eagle-eyed comic book fans for his bit parts in The Walking Dead (as Roy), Powers (as Nucleus), and 2015's Fantastic Four (as Reed Richards' guard in Area 57). His past as a stuntman could also be useful for action scenes in this superhero show.

According to a schedule released by DC in October, Stargirl is planned to debut in late August 2019.


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