STAN LEE & BLACK PANTHER Among Top Google Searches of 2018

Stan Lee Memorial
Credit: RoidRanger /

Google has released its analysis of the billions of queries users made through its search engine in 2018, releasing lists of the top searches in multiple categories, and an overall list of the most popular search terms overall.

Among the most popular Google search terms of 2018 were Stan Lee and Black Panther (which were ranked the fourth and fifth most popular searches of the year respectively) - terms Marvel fans will easily recognize.

The prominence of both terms this year isn't particularly surprising - Black Panther became the year's first global blockbuster film in February 2018, while Stan Lee, ever a popular figure, passed away earlier this year.

Then among the top five searches related specifically to movies, comic book films naturally dominated the field, with Black Panther coming in at number one, followed by Deadpool 2, Venom, and Avengers: Infinity War in that order.

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