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Credit: Kickstart Entertainment
Credit: Kickstart Entertainment

NBC is developing a television series based on the 2011 OGN Blacksmith from Kickstart Entertainment, according to Deadline. Kick-Ass 2 writer/director Jeff Wadlow is overseeing the adaptation for NBC's Universal Television subsidiary. Blacksmith was written by screenwriters Malik Evans and Richard Sparkman, and illustrated by Alberto Muriel.

The Blacksmith OGN centered on Alex Malloy, a member of a secretive sect of weapons-makers that have worked behind the scenes in North America for the past 200 years. After one of the weapons he made was found to be used in an unauthorized public assassination, Malloy becomes a fugitive and attempts to bring the killer to justice.

"Our main character is Alex Malloy, a young male who is a weapon genius known as the Blacksmith," Sparkman told Newsarama in 2011. "He’s in a league of his own and the top-notch Blacksmith of his era. His specialty is guns and various heavy artillery."

NBC has not announced any castings or timetable for release.

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