Now Marvel Will 'DESTROY' SPIDER-MAN's History Too

Amazing Spider-Man #50
Credit: John Romita (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel has released a second March 2019 teaser promising the re-writing (or "destruction") of an important moment in Marvel history - the moment Peter Parker decided to become Spider-Man again after giving up being a hero in Amazing Spider-Man #50.

Again, the teaser points to an individual or entity behind the turn of events, asking "Who brought the Amazing Spider-Man back after 'Spider-Man No More!'?"

In Amazing Spider-Man #50, Peter is inspired to resume his career as Spider-Man after saving the life of a night watchman who reminded him of Uncle Ben - and the great responsibility that comes with great power. Could someone specific have orchestrated that turn of events?

Combined with the previous teaser, which implied someone was directly responsible for the Fantastic Four gaining their powers, it seems someone may be tampering with Marvel's time stream.

More teasers will likely follow - potentially leading up to the expected release of Marvel's March 2019 solicitations later this month.

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